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Curry Night
Sixties Music

Friday 20th Oct​​
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Doors open 7pm
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At the Heart of Village Life

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Village Hall Newsletter ​​​​​​​- March 2018

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The village hall hosts many social events.  These events range from musical and film nights to horse racing evenings
Many local groups hire the village hall to hold their meetings and activties.  These groups range from a local Historical Society to dancing and keep fit
The village hall provides a full range of modern facilitites to cater for all user group requirements
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Swainby Village Hall

The Swainby Village Hall was built in 1863 to host meetings of the Oddfellows Society, when it was known as Oddfellows Hall.

When first built, the ground floor comprised two cottages with the meeting hall above.

In 1919 the building was purchased and donated to the village by Mr and Mrs Edwin Backhouse Richardson of Potto Hall.

The donation was in memory of their daughter Annie Gwendolen who died on January 6th 1918.

The Richardson’s were Quakers from Great Ayton and had business interests all over the north.

Membership of the ‘Hall’ was by annual subscription of 14s 0d, (70p).

Downstairs there was a recreation room with billiards table with strict rules for its use, there was also a reading room where newspapers were provided.

In 1927 the oil lamps inside the building were overhauled, with the cleaner lighting the fires in the Hall at 5:30 in the evening.

In 1926 a gents urinal was identified as a ‘real need’.

In 1929 the annual subscription was reduced to 7s 0d, (35p) to reflect the hard times.
Male members were not allowed into the hall upstairs while lady members were present.

In 1930 ladies were granted permission to play ping-pong in the afternoons.

In 1932 electric lighting was installed.

During the war windows were painted over as part of the black-out precautions.

The cleaner complained about having to work in artificial light  and requested an increase in pay – it was refused.

In 1940 the committee erected a ‘non-expensive’ structure in the corner of the yard from 3 sheets of corrugated iron donated by

Mr. L Elgie – the urinal.

Due to the reduced numbers while men were away in the war the finances of the ‘Hall’ suffered.

The Over-60’s Nights were keenly anticipated and used as an excuse to dress up and let ones hair down.

In 1959 it became apparent that interest in using the ‘Rec’ had declined, the Hall was no longer the centre of the village.

In 1963 the name of the larger of the downstairs rooms was changed from the Billiards Room to the Supper Room.

The Village Hall was re-opened in 1965 following the addition of toilets, a kitchen, a stage and changing rooms.

Redecoration was completed in 1971.

In 1973 the stage floor suffered damage by stiletto heels.

Two gas rings purchased to provide ‘Meals on Wheels’  during power cuts.

Swainby Village Hall